Why You Should Have Asbestos Professionally Removed

Whether you’re renovating a home or office or are building a new structure, you might very well require asbestos inspection and removal services. 

All asbestos removal on the North Shore needs to be done in accordance with the New Zealand Guidelines for Management and Removal of Asbestos, with certified practitioners holding an Asbestos Certificate of Competency.

Asbestos was widely used in construction across millions of homes and businesses prior to the 1970s. Its continued use in construction has since been prohibited in many countries.

As a result, many older structures still contain traces of asbestos. Here are some reasons why you may need to consider removing asbestos in your home or office:

It’s Everywhere

Prior to asbestos being outlawed as a construction material in the 1970s, millions of homes and offices were built using asbestos. When breathed in, tiny little fibres – the fibrils – can cause serious lung disease.

It’s Harmful

Exposure to asbestos can lead to asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer and various other serious lung diseases. This is caused by breathing in the tiny fibrils that asbestos releases into the air. These get lodged in the lungs, causing irreparable lung disease.

Only A Professional Should Handle It

Because asbestos is so harmful, its removal is dangerous work, as those handling it can get sick if they’re not wearing appropriate PPE and employing strict handling protocols to minimise risk. 

The removal of asbestos is therefore complicated by the fact that it needs to be carried out by a certified asbestos handler – someone who knows how to handle and dispose of asbestos safely and in keeping with regulations. 

For this, you need to hire a professional contractor who is certified and experienced enough to handle the removal of asbestos in the correct way. 

If you require asbestos removal in North Shore, we at Union Demolition have the necessary skills, equipment and expertise to carry out the job safely and efficiently. Contact us today to get your asbestos problem handled.

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