How to prepare for house demolition

House demolition can be an intense process from cost to clean-up, and everything in-between. That’s why it’s advisable to prepare in advance of your house demolition project, so things run as smoothly as possible. We at Union Demolition have a few tips and tricks for you to follow, to guarantee a perfect demolition. Read on, below.

Collect your permits

In Auckland, most people looking to demolish a building will need a permit – or several – to do so. Collect these permits, and ensure you have everything you need, ahead of time. For example, you might need a tree removal permit alongside your house demolition permit, because of any tree preservation orders.

Remove hazardous materials

At Union Demolition, we are asbestos removal experts. As a result, we know how important it is to remove any hazardous materials from a property before demolition occurs. Asbestos can be easily released into the atmosphere when disturbed, negatively impacting your health, so it’s absolutely essential that you always consult a professional to lend a hand in removal. 

Know where to store debris

When you demolish a house, lots of debris will be left behind. This could be glass, metal, brick, concrete or timber. You can consult with a local recycling plant to take the debris, hire a skip or dumpster, or repurpose the leftover material in a different project. Whatever solution you settle on, be sure to know where to store your debris, and how to transport it there!

Get the right equipment

The right equipment can make the world of difference when it comes to proper house demolition. Sometimes, a sledgehammer and chisel is appropriate, and other times, you need a professional excavator. If you need to hire certain tools, do so in advance. Always wear appropriate PPE when on-site, too. The demolition process is loud and dangerous, so ear protectors, safety glasses and helmets are mandatory.

For expert, Auckland-based house demolition experts, look no further than Union Demolition. Whatever the size or scale of your project, it can be easily dismantled with the help of our team – assisted by years of experience, complete certification, and high-tech machinery. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 021 544 905, today.

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