Environmental Responsibility in House Demolition

It goes without saying that demolishing a house can lead to a number of environmental concerns. This means that if you are eco-conscious, you might be looking for house demolition services that are sustainable and responsible. If so, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss the environmental impact of house demolitions and your environmental responsibility regarding this. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our first question: what is house demolition?

What is House Demolition? 

House demolition, or residential demolition, is one type of demolition service that demolition companies can provide. In essence, it safely and appropriately knocks or tears down a specific property. A detailed demolition plan is often created to ensure the safety of workers and other houses or structures in the vicinity. As it completely tears down a building, house demolition will often result in mass waste. 

Is the Environment Affected by Demolition?

The environment is greatly affected by house demolition – in fact, demolition leads to:

  • Carbon emissions
  • Production of waste
  • Noise pollution
  • Possibility of harmful materials seeping into water and soil
  • Potential for asbestos to be released into the atmosphere

Who is Responsible for the Environment During Demolition?

With the right demolition contractors, they will take responsibility for the demolition waste that is produced during house demolitions. Many houses, even old houses, have a lot of materials that can be recycled and/or repurposed. More often than not, these materials may be sent straight to the landfill, which negatively impacts the environment in the long run. 

To counteract this, a responsible demolition company, like ourselves at Union Demolition, will have recycling and waste initiatives in place to ensure that waste is minimised after demolition. In turn, this helps us reduce our carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment. 

When you choose Union Demolition’s house demolition services, you are guaranteed high quality workmanship from experienced professionals. No matter the reason for your demolition request, you can count on us to expertly demolish the property, without causing significant environmental damage. We are precise, careful, and adhere to proper recycling processes. Get in touch with us today for more information about our demolition services or to request a quote.

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