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Site Clearing

When a building is demolished or before a new construction project can begin, the site needs to be cleared of all debris and other obstructions. Whether you’re building a house, a high-rise office building, a sports field, or a boundary wall, site clearance is an essential part of the process. There are several key reasons why one might need to conduct site clearance in Auckland:


1. Future Use:

Clearing a site of debris and vegetation is a critical part of preparing the site in question for future use. Construction cannot begin on a site until it has been cleared and levelled in preparation for the laying of foundations. It also allows builders to gain a better understanding of the topography of the soil and the nature of the utility lines that cross the site.


2. Safety:

Sometimes a site needs to be cleared despite there being no development plans in place. The site may be filled with construction rubble or other debris that could prove dangerous or hazardous to the community. In such cases, site clearance is necessary and may even be required in accordance with New Zealand laws.


3. Aesthetics:

When a site is littered with debris of any kind, it can look unsightly and negatively impact the community. In some cases, sites with extensive debris can even serve to devalue surrounding properties owing to the negative aesthetic impact. In such cases, site clearance for aesthetic purposes is highly necessary.


4. Environment:

Debris and rubble can have a negative impact on the environment. It can be a source of harm for local birds and wildlife – particularly if there are harmful substances in the rubble that could cause disease, such as asbestos. There are laws in place in New Zealand that require a minimum degree of responsibility towards the environment, which often necessitates proper site clearance.


What Does Site Clearance Entail?

  • Demolition

Demolition involves the tearing down of existing structures on the site. 

  • Removal

We remove all construction rubble as well as any unwanted vegetation that may be on the site.

  • Excavation

Where necessary, we will conduct excavations in order to remove things like large rocks or to level out the site.

  • Grading

This involves using bulldozers and rollers to ensure the ground is flat, level, and stable enough to support future construction.

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